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Maxine Hagey, P.A.
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by Anonymous on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Prior to having my son refer his Realtor, Maxine Hagey, to me, I had chosen a Realtor in my neighborhood who had me on a continuous listing agreement. For over one year, the listing went nowhere and expired.

My husband and I were thoroughly disgusted with all the time lost with the previous Realtor.

After that, I called Maxine and one other Realtor, who was also present in the area, to hear what they both had to offer to expedite the sale of our property.

After interviewing Maxine, we could understand why my son Alon and wife Jodi loved about her. We listed as soon as possible.

Having waited so long to get our house sold with our first Realtor, we decided to follow every recommendation made by Maxine to posture our home for the highest and quickest sale.

Once all her recommendations were completed, we realized that we finally had the right person to sell our home. This gave us the confidence to move forward -- now that we were in better hands.

Maxine followed through, kept her promises and abided by her great marketing plan which included frequent open houses.

Within two and a half months and many showings, our home was sold with an acceptable price and qualified buyer. After inspections, appraisal, and the Buyer’s financial approval, we prepared for closing. Maxine’s final touch was finding the right cleaning company to complete a thorough freshening of our home.

My husband Samuel and I can’t believe how smoothly the sale went.

It was a true blessing “mitzvah” meeting and working with Maxine Hagey, who is now a part of the Harel family. Thank you, Maxine!

Bilha Harel, Owner of 9860 SW 4 Street, Plantation, Florida

by Anonymous on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

“Maxine Hagey is a knowledgeable Realtor; she makes buying your new home and selling your present home a comfortable experience. Maxine took our wants and needs list and made it all happen. Once listed, our present home in Savanna had multiple offers and was sold for full price in just a few days.

Maxine wasted no time after the completion of the sale to take me and my Daughter Michelle out to view many properties until we found the right home to suit our two family needs. She guided us through finding our mortgage broker, contract and many of the buying challenges until all was finalized. Three days after closing the home in Savanna, we closed our new home in Plantation Acres on the 16th of July.

Thank you, Maxine!”

-- Jeanette & Eddie Howell

by Anonymous on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Kershasp F. Munshi
Oakland, California 94619

20 March, 2018

Mr. Ron Shuffield,
CEO, EWM Realty International

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

This is just to let you know how satisfied Dolly, my wife, and I are with our house-selling experience in the past three months. Our house sold in practically two weeks if one were to exclude the Thanksgiving weekend, etc., thanks to the two wonderful individual brokers were fortunate to work with: Maxine Hagey and Kelly Morello. We understand that Kelly has since moved on to other things in life.

Maxine is a real treasure to any realty firm she is associated with. She is always ‘on the ball,’ going through every little detail, crossing every t and dotting every i which come her way. She is very experienced, and her experience showed through in her contacts with and in each step of her work. She is thoroughly familiar with every step of the process and nothing is too detailed for her. In your business, when customers are only going through the experience once every so many years during which laws/best practices/lending needs may have changed. A single point of contact with all this expertise, who can take charge, is a godsend.

In addition, what we found most soothing are her interpersonal skills. She has what it takes to interface with customers, even the often-demanding ones. Every time she called or emailed us, we knew it had to be good news. If it weren’t good news, then she was calling with a solution or an answer – to our satisfaction, if not to our benefit.

Dealing with Maxine has been a breath of fresh air. Should you have any question at all for us, please feel free to contact me at the number above or at kershasp@yahoo.com.


Kershasp F. Munshi.

by Anonymous on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

I’ve worked with several real estate agents throughout my life, and I must admit, much too often I’ve been underwhelmed by the service I received. Maxine Hagey's knowledge, experience, thoroughness and thoughtful approach was a welcome change for me.

Too many agents these days are so focused on obtaining listings that they’ve lost the personal touch with their clients that is so important to ensuring a successful and stress free outcome. In Maxine’s case, it was very refreshing to work with an agent that exhibited a genuine concern for my situation, while also handling the small, but important details that matter to home sellers and buyers.

Maxine has excellent knowledge of the luxury home market in West Broward, and I highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home in that area of the county.

by Anonymous on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Superior Realtor who really gets to know her clients and their needs; she methodically helped us find our dream home. She guided us to the right homes and not just the expensive ones- super trustworthy. She helped us through the whole buying process, answered all questions quickly and was a joy to work with.

I have nothing negative to say, Maxine was AWESOME! Would definitely use her services again, she is a superb Realtor with integrity.

Shkelzen, Plantation FL

by Joseph Pezza on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Maxine worked hard to sell this property.

She never slowed down but pushed all the time to get this property sold.

Before the hurricane, she was concerned about the house and helpful with securing everything in and around the house.

She was a pleasure to deal with!


Joseph Pezza of Long Island, New York

by Avon Calatchi on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Hello, Maxine!
I have settled down and been enjoying life in Taiwan. Thank you for everything in Tamarac, Florida.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a very joyful and prosperous New Year.

Best Wishes,

Avon Calatchi

(Photo card sent with Taipei 101 Tower on the photo)
Sent 12/13/2016

by Duncan Crow on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Maxine was our sole agent throughout the process of selling our home in Plantation Acres.

In the Broward market where at the time there was an inventory of 17 months, Maxine helped us to sell our home in 10 months and at a very good market-related price.

Maxine used her many years of experience and knowledge of the market to ensure that we got the result that we were looking for.

Maxine did a great job of ensuring that our home was well-advertised in the relevant media and took it upon herself to run a number of open-house sittings.

She advised us very ably through every step of the selling process and went out of her way to ensure that we reached a positive closing.

I would recommend Maxine's services to anyone who is intending to sell their home.

Kind regards,


by Victor and Susana Agnellini on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

Susana and I had our first opportunity to have Maxine Hagey as our Realtor more than 14 years ago. She was very supportive guiding us on our arrival to South Florida. With her, we were able to buy our first house in the Plantation Acres Area. We enjoyed very much the service she provided us and she truly became our friend.

A couple of years ago we decided that it was time to move East when we became "empty nesters" and without any doubt we engaged her for a second time. She was alongside us during the selection process for a new construction in the Las Olas Area. We closed with her support the purchase of our unit in Aqualuna Las Olas and then it was time to sell our Plantation Acres House, and of course she was our Realtor again for the sale.

I know that my wife Susana is not willing to consider any more moves, however in case that we will, we will engage without any doubt Maxine Hagey again based on her level of knowledge and the trust we built through out all these years."

On on side note, Toto started the radiation session at LeadER. He s doing fine so far, today it will be his four session.

All the best for 2017!!!

Victor & Susana

by Alex MacKenzie on Maxine Hagey, P.A.

"A note of thanks to a true real estate professional . . . Maxine Hagey.

Maxine was always available, on time, and at every showing of our home in Plantation Acres.

I would highly recommend Maxine to any homeowner who is currently thinking of placing their home on the market now or in the future. On each showing of our home, Maxine always spoke in a positive tone and responded with the positives of our home when questions were asked about our residence.

Thanks again to Maxine from a very satisfied homeowner.”

Alex MacKenzie

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